Michele Rush

Board Alternate

Michele Rush

I’ve always had animals in my life. While growing up it was dogs, cats, and parakeets. When I relocated to Omaha in 2000 I didn’t have any animals with me and I didn’t have time to find a place that allowed cats or dogs. I first got a parakeet, but as nice as they are I wanted something more. In 2002 I got a pair of male gerbils from the local animal shelter. After looking for additional information on gerbils when I lost one of the pair in 2003, I joined the AGS. I’ve been a member and have continued to care for and raise gerbils ever since.

I’ve also had guinea pigs, hamsters, degus and rats in the past several years. Currently I have gerbils, guinea pigs and 2 cats.

I’ve served on the Ethics committee as a board member and alternate, and have co-coordinated two Mid-West Shows. At the 2011 MW Show the kennel finally earned its first Best in Show. I am looking forward to continuing to serve the AGS and playing a more active role in the lives of our little friends.