Donna Anastasi

AGS Vice-President

Donna Anastasi

I live on Boston’s South Shore with my husband and I have two adult daughters.  Growing up my parents didn’t like keeping pets, so I must still be reacting! We share our home with an American Eskimo dog named Roxie, my very devoted parrotlet Sven, a few other rodent pets, and a goodly number of gerbils.

After getting two gerbils “for the kids” many years ago, I quickly become charmed by these delightful little creatures. Next came breeding, first from local gerbils, then getting very rare at-the-time gerbils from as far away as Texas and Colorado and introducing these colors to New England. Soon after that came a total gerbil addiction. I’ve been an active member of the AGS since soon after it was established and helped organize the first gerbil show in this country. I am a former President, now serve as Vice-President, and I am a certified AGS judge. I wrote the book: Gerbils: The Complete Guide to Gerbil Care, published by BowTie Press and a second book in the same series on Chinchillas. More recently, I’ve turned to writing fiction with my book Spin The Plate which is about to become an indie film.

ABC Gerbils has developed some of the country’s most winning mottled gerbils and self-colored gerbils with no white markings on the chin or paws, gorgeous Siamese and Burmese Color Point gerbils, and beautiful, rare Blue and Dilute Agouti gerbils. In my real life I have a high responsibility, high stress job. I love gerbil care and breeding because it is a wonderful combination of being simple, relaxing, and yet challenging. Plus my gerbils are always happy to see me, standing on their hind legs begging to come out.