Amy Paben

AGS Treasurer

Amy Paben

I live in western Oregon with my husband and we have two grown children and two grandchildren. We share our home with two Shetland Sheepdogs, a Pug, three indoor cats, some freshwater tropical fish, five Roborovski dwarf hamsters, five degus, some llamas, and eighteen gerbils.

I had my first pair of gerbils in 1972. I didn’t get back into gerbils until after my children’s hamsters passed away in 1996. They wanted something less boring and more active. Of course! Gerbils! After checking out the Internet for information and discovering all the new colors, gerbil genetics and breeding became my passion. I was on the Gerbil Mailing List and joined the AGS when it began in 1998. I served on the original Committee. In the fall of 1999 my gerbil population reached its peak at 123, and I scaled back considerably. I still enjoyed my gerbils, but took some time off from actively breeding and from being active in the AGS.

Now that our children are grown I’m able to spend time again with what I love.I am a certified AGS Judge and have served on the AGS Board for over a decade. Gerbils NW has an average of two litters a year. While I still love ‘all the pretty colors’, my focus is on keeping my gerbils well, happy, and healthy. I want to contribute so that the AGS continues to develop and grow. I learned so many things ‘the hard way’ when I first had pet gerbils. To have the AGS available to educate, assist and support those who love and care for gerbils is my goal.