Launch of the New AGS Rescue Website

Welcome to the new AGS Rescue Website! This is the beginning of a huge effort by a small team spanning the USA to create a place for members, volunteers, and families come together to help gerbils remain in or find loving forever homes.

Special thanks to the following awesome people who have helped and been the inspiration to create the AGS Rescue Website:

  • Sarah Skutt
  • Becca Orr
  • Libby Hanna
  • Jenni Butler
  • Stevie Miller
  • Danielle Cromer
  • Dave Larson
  • Greta Kratz

There is, of course, much more to be done and we’re expecting to see more content and resources added in time. For now our more immediate concern is to save and rehome almost 40 gerbils rescued from Shreveport, LA recently last May.

We are in need of donations to cover veterinary care, food, housing and shipping costs to send the gerbils to states like Arizona, where many eager families are awaiting to adopt them. So please volunteer, donate and spread the word!