Who Can Foster?

Anyone who is allowed to keep pets, has a little free time for gerbil care and socialization, loves animals and wants to help some rescued gerbils find a new home is a good candidate for fostering. Unlike many other pets, gerbils stay in one place, can’t hurt anything, make little odor or noise, and cost very little to feed and house. Your interest in and comfort handling gerbils are the main qualifications.

What Will I Need to Do?

The foster parent’s job is to provide food, water, clean housing, medicine if needed, and regular socialization to the gerbils in your care. You’ll need to be able to meet potential adopters in your home or at a convenient meeting point. And eventually, you’ll need to let them go on to their new permanent homes.

You don’t need to be a current gerbil owner to foster. In fact, in some cases it’s preferable if the fosters are the only gerbils in the household.

If you think you can make a temporary home for some gerbils in need, start by emailing rescue at agsgerbils.org to get the conversation started. Right now we especially need foster homes within a day’s drive of Austin or San Antonio, TX, as ground transportation is safest for gerbils in the summer. Come Fall, volunteers in any US state except CA or HI may be able to help.

 Fostering is easy, fun and rewarding.

Fostering is easy, fun and rewarding.